DUSTY REBELS AND THE BOMBSHELLS continues to Inspire Uniqueness, Self-expression and Creativity

Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells hosted a Marquee at The Cape Town Motor Show in March, which was a weekend of incredible fun with a broad appeal to all car and bike buffs, petrol heads and with loads of entertainment for everyone.

The DRTB Marquee showcased the culture where attendees could experience the good old days of Rock n Roll.

A fun shopping exerience by the lifestyle vendors; Decades of Vintage and Collectibles, MAC cosmetics, Barnet Fair Barbers to groom the guys, Anonamiss Beauty Emporium for the gals, Wolf and Maiden Leather, Anvl Kraft, Ventsbrull T-shirts, Dan Fuller Jewellery, Stencilworx, Mr Lucky Tattoo, DRTB and much more. Our delicious food from The N.O.B., Ardi’s Food Truck and TacoKombi (Vegan options) had people asking for more.

Miss Bombshell Betty 2015 Marilyn Deathrow, along with other finalists had the “Hey Sugar” Kissing Booth. Here they got everyone in the mood to flirt with the classics to raise money for TEARS. Cape Town Rollergirls did bouts with the different teams competing for the DRTB show winner.

It’s a styled and colourful culture, visually apealing and the music is good for the soul.

To all those rebels at heart – put on your blue jeans, show off your tats, style your old-school flavour and show us that you’ll never conform to the mundaneness of a normal routine

We look forward to seeing you there next year March!

Brands/businesses that would like to sponsor and do activations at some of the events, please email us.

DUSTY REBELS AND THE BOMBSHELLS continues to Inspire Uniqueness, Self-expression and Creativity

The idea behind the name Dusty Rebels & the Bombshells:
One of the attractions will be cars and bikes; we believe DUST represents the outdoors/speed /dirt tracking.
The Rockabilly followers are known to be REBELS not necessarily conforming to the everyday norm. They are uniquely different and equally passionate individuals.
The Gals of Rockabilly feature Burlesque and Pinups with class and feminine style. And we are 2 females organizing the event and believe we are 100% Bombshells.


Although we have taken all the reasonable steps to ensure that you are free from harm or risk while visiting this establishment, the owners and Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells or staff of this business do not however accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or injury of whatsoever nature arrising during your visit. By entering the festival gate or purchasing this ticket you agree to this.